Albert & Sons

Albert and sons Banjolele Banjo Ukulele
almost certainly a German Import
More famous for their Violins than any other instrument and established by John Albert a German Violin maker in Philadelphia in the 1850's, who later brought his two sons Charles Francis (CF) and Eugene John (EJ) into the business. On the Violin side CF was a better maker than EJ though neither were as good as their Father and when John died in 1887 the business was split in two, although the brothers worked within a few blocks of each other. CF's quality also started to drop as Charles brought his own son (another Charles) into the business and CF jnr. wasn't as good a CF snr. In 1901 snr died and in 1916 jnr died so CF Albert stopped trading and EJ took on the mantle of a single business again. However EJ Albert increasingly became an importer and distributor of instruments rather than a manufacturer, and along with everyone else in the early 20's started distributing Ukuleles and Banjoleles which he may have, but almost certainly didn't, make himself. I don't think this business saw out the 20's and I have read that EJ sold it on to a New Jersey distributor.

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