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aNueNue guitar and ukulele

aNueNue U900 Bear Pinapple Soprano Ukulele Corner
Bear 900 Pineapple Soprano
aNueNue Banjolele
aNueNue Banjolele
Hulala Concert
Hulala Concert
aNueNue is a Japanese / Taiwanese / Canadian brand launched in 2009 with the actual Ukuleles being made in mainland China, or I believe Vietnam for the better quality ones. They have a large range of Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors, (no Baritones, Lili'us, Taropatches or Tiples but they do a couple of Supersopranos), in laminate and a number of solid woods. They give the different wood options range names so the solid mahogany top option is called Papa, the all solid mahogany range is Khaya, the Koa laminate is Lani, the solid Koa is Kula and so on, (the I, II and III represents the scale length starting with Soprano). Overall aNueNue are quite fond of laser etching, even on the more expensive models. There are also some ranges that are named after their decoration, so there is a laminate "World Series" range that features a laser cut soundhole with an image to represent a different country, or the Dolphin series that has inlaid Dolphins on the fretboard

They do some solid body nylon strung electric models too plus a couple of Banjoleles that look like rebranded Daewon models from China. In 2014 they introduced a Bass Baritone model to the catalogue

As well as the Standard ranges they produce some artist endorsed specials, (the artists who do the endorsement are suppose to assist with the design), which they call this range the Artist series, and apart from the popular U900 cartoon puppet models, (that they kind of include as part of the Artist range and which in 2014 they expanded to include a couple of Mini scale models as well as some new Sopranos. Plus since 2013 there is also a budget U900 line - to combat the counterfeits), the models are all one off designs.

In addition to the Artist designs they produce, there are other specials like a replica of an early ukulele and a Harp Ukulele, (in conjunction with Peter Howlett)

Hulala is the budget range from aNueNue, launched in 2011 and these are all laminate mahogany or koa and come from China these come as Soprano, Concert or Tenor only too though there is a mahogany pineapple In 2014 they have extended the range to include what they say are solid acacia models.

Aqua This is another range launched by aNueNue in 2014 The say its "entry level" and I have only seen laminate models so far and I haven't worked out the marketing behind it, (possibly its replacing Hulala?) One thing to note about them is when purchased they come with some special stickers, (the range is Wooden Sky / Ocean Abalone / Green Leaf / Red Flower), for the new owner to put on as fret markers. There are two series of Aqua's I have seen the classic series with slot heads and the one and only series with solid heads

The also released a range of acoustic Guitars in 2014 that they call the M Bird range

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