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dean ML black Satin concert at Ukelele Corner
Dean ML Black Satin
Luna Tattoo Pineapple Soprano Ukulele Corner
Luna "Tattoo" Pineapple
Aurora Peace Soprano
Aurora Peace
Armadillo Enterprises of Tampa, Florida, USA is run by musician Elliott Dean Rubinson and purchased the Dean Guitars trade name in 1997. The company also owns Luna Guitars and DDrums

Dean Guitars

Dean Guitars was founded by Dean Zelinsky in 1976 and is most famous for its electric Guitars. It does do acoustic and resonator Guitars too plus in 2013, Soprano Concert and Tenor Ukuleles were added to the catalogue. These are much plainer and more traditional looking than the Ukuleles of the sister company Luna apart from, in 2014 they introduced a Concert model in a couple of different finishes based on their ML electric Guitars. In 2016 they put out some Concert scale Ukuleles with sound boards featuring graphic designs they describe as "Inspired by the likes of pop surrealism and lowbrow culture" and look a bit like cartoon monsters

Luna Guitars

Founded by Yvonne de Villiers in 2005, Luna make a range of acoustic and electric Guitars some Mandolins and a fairly full range of Ukuleles in Soprano to Baritone scale lengths, plus a couple of Banjoleles, some Bass Baritone models and a Resonator. They are all decorated in some way either laser etching, inlay or decal work, and have a very distinctive look, apparently this is due to an all female design team

Aurora by Luna

A range of colourful Soprano Ukuleles aimed at children, (and adults who like this sort of thing), including some with fairytale pictures by Mary Ann DiNella launched in 2013

The Ukuleles are made in one of the big Chinese factories and underneath all of the decoration you can see the similarities with a number of other brands

This firm has nothing to do with the Japanese Luna Gakki and its current or historical branding

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