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AXL Resonator Concert
AXL Resonator Concert
AXL Recording King Banjolele
Recording King Banjolele
AXL Koloa High Gloss Mahogany Baritone Ukulele Corner
Koloa 650 Baritone
AXL are a Chinese musical instrument manufacturer and distributor founded in 1993. The head office in in Shanghai and they apparently have about 20 factories throughout China. In addition to making OEM Instruments for other people and having a range of electric Guitars branded AXL, (I have seen a resonator Ukulele just branded AXL too), they have a number of other quite famous "Own Brands"


Founded in 1993, the same time as AXL itself, this is their budget Guitar range and under this branding they also have some Budget folk instruments including Dulcimers Mandolins and Ukuleles (and the Resonator Ukulele again) the ukuleles come as mahogany laminate Soprano, Concert or Baritone.


This brand started in 2007, this is their best Ukulele range and has 4 ranges, the 700 is solid koa and only comes as Concert Scale. The 600 is High gloss solid mahogany and comes as Soprano Concert or Baritone. The 500 range is matte solid mahogany and features a Tenor too. The 300 range is solid top mahogany and comes a s Soprano Concert or Tenor, Baritone here but there is a cutaway electro/acoustic Tenor.

Recording King

This was originally used in the 1930's by the mail order company Montgomery Ward and was possibly their most prestigeous brand. AXL has resurrected the brand and use it on a range of Guitars and Banjos. The range includes a Resonator Ukulele and a Banjolele, (actually made by Daewon, AXL don't appear to make Banjos themselves).


This is another budget range that includes a Baritone Ukulele along with some natural finish and the ever popular colourful range of Sopranos. This range has some Banjos, but not Banjoleles, and small Mandolins in too.

They have a number of other instrument ranges like The Loar, (for higher end folk Guitars Resonators and Mandolins,) Paris Swing (for manouche style Guitars) and Palantino, (for orchestral instruments) to name three, that don't include Ukuleles

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