Ala Moana budget range
Ala Moana budget Sopranos
Vineyard Flying V Soprano Ukulele Corner
Flying "A" Soprano
Vineyard Paddle Triangle Soprano Ukulele Corner
Vineyard Triangle
All of these Ukuleles appear to have come from the same factory. The bridge, the friction pegs, (and sometimes the body shape), used are very distinctive and I've not seen them used outside of these brands, unfortunately I don't know much about the factory that makes them beyond it is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. They make Soprano through to Baritone, a number of different body shapes (but I have only seen Sopranos with the different body shapes) a couple of ranges of 21 in scale Terz Guitar / Guitalele things, and even a Tenor scale Supersoprano. Though none of them aspire to be top end instruments the ones I have played have all be better quality that it would first appear.

I have seen them for sale in Europe, the US, Japan and Korea under a number of different names. Cikuan is the brand name think that is most likely to be the factory brand. Some of the other names I have seen are:-

Ala Moana

I have seen these on sale mainly in Japan but also in Thailand, (I'm not sure all of them are from this factory but some certainly are and I can't find much out about the branding).


I have seen these on sale in Italy and Korea


I have seen the Flying A (or V if you prefer) on sale in Canada under this brand


I have seen them with this branding on sale in Japan and the US
Obviously nothing to do with the old Bruno Hanalei brand


I've seen these in the UK and they have been on sale since before 2010 I have no other information and I'm not sure all of them are from this factory
Nothing to do with Epiphone


Branding used by a Hawaiian importer who goes on to suggest the Ukuleles are Hawaiian however they often still have a Hanalei label in the sound hole, (and I have seen the Zebrawood example I have pictured being sold as Vineyard on the Mainland)


I have seen these on sale in Korea in a number of scales and wood choices. They have an "R" as a headstock logo


A brand name used by Praiseland, (who had their name writ very large in all of the advertising), mainly in the US and there is a "V" as a headstock logo

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