Carnival Banjo Acoustic Sopranino Ukulele Corner
Black Americana "Banjo" Mini
Carnival Cowboy plastic sopranino Ukulele
Cowboy "Ukette"
Carnival Combo Guitar Ukulele Corner
Soprano Combo Guitar
Carnival were one of the Plastic Ukulele makers of the 50's, 60 and 70's, though like Emenee they were more famous as a toy maker that a musical instrument maker. Carnival is also the company that bought out Maccaferri when they gave up on plastic Ukuleles.

I have seen lots of patterned themes, with Cowboy's and 50's Jiving motifs as well as Hula Dancers, Varsity Students and the Black Americana motifs. These generally come with a figure on the headstock in keeping with the theme. On top of these, there are a few endorsed models from the 1970's from "tweenage" idols with no particular links to Guitars or even music

Scale wise, I have seen Minis and Sopranos but nothing bigger from Carnival, and the very early one obviously had something to do with the Mattel "Uke a Doddle" but I don't know who made for whom? I have seen plain red "Banjos" as well as the predominantly white ones with the marbled backs. I haven't seen any proper, with a drum and head, plastic Banjoleles made by Carnival and I believe when new all ones came with, (rather nasty in my experience), red strings.

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