Sam F Chang and the Summers Brothers

Sam Chang Soprano Ukulele
Sam Chang
sold by Bergstrom
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Pual Summers Wakiki Soprano UkuleleSummers Bros.
Sam Chang was a Hawaiian luthier/producer working from the 1920's through to the 1940's. He started out working for Kamaka, but having learned the art he started making his own as well, eventually leaving Kamaka and setting up on his own. He liked the Aloha and Hawaiian crest idea, (like the Aloha Mfg.Co.) too, and used his own version on a lot of his Ukuleles though he often put his name on the back. He is also the maker for a lot of the Ukuleles branded by the Summers Brothers however he did make Ukuleles for other retailers, like Bergstrom, as well.

The Summers brothers, Paul and Harold, were not makers but they had the Ukulele concession in the Royal Hawaiian and Moana hotels, (the two best), during the 20's to 40's (Paul was also a member of the "Royal Hawaiians" a famous Hawaiian music band of the time who worked out of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, did lots of radio broadcasts across mainland America and was led by Harry Owens). They gave lessons and sold a number of other makers Ukuleles in these shops including some branded with the hotel name, (famously the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. "Royal Hawaiian"), but they also branded their own, usually made by Sam Chang, either as Paul Summers, Harold Summers or Summers Bros. The Waikiki Ukulele.

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