Cordoba Music Group

Guild Mahogany Baritone circa 1960
1960's Guild Baritone
Cordoba Mahogany Soprano
Mahogany Soprano
Cordoba Venezuelan Cuatro baritone ukulele cornerVenezuelan Cuatro (Baritone)


Founded in 1997 with a nice Spanish name to sell "Spanish Guitars" Cordoba is registered in California and, (apart from the very top end Guitars which are made in Spain), the instruments are made in China. Nothing unusual there, isn't this the case for most modern Ukulele Makers?

On to the Ukuleles and they make Soprano through to Baritone scale in laminate and solid mahogany and acacia, with some bamboo and spruce top models too. Plus they make a Venezuelan Cuatro and a series of Guitaleles, they don't do Superscales. Lili'us or Taropatches though. They have collaborated with Pepe Romero Jr in the design of their top end 30 series models


Guild started out as an independent Guitar manufacturer in 1953 but is now part of the Cordoba Music Group, (they acquired it from Fender along with DeArmond). They do not use the Guild branding for Ukuleles and Guild of old isn't really known as a maker in the past either, but they did produce what is regarded as one of the best ever Baritone Ukuleles, in the 1960's while they were still independent

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