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Crews Manic Sound

Crews D'Angelico Soprano
D'Angelico Soprano
First Release
crews guitars d'angelico tenor long neck ukulele
D'Angelico Tenor
Second Release
crews guitars ayrene mango concert ukulele
Ayrene mango Concert
Super complicated and extra confused with translation engines! - Crews Guitars or Cruise Co.? is a Japanese firm from Tokyo that started in the early 1990's. They make electric and acoustic Guitars and Basses under the Crews Manic Sound brand plus others like Rabbit is, (seriously not a translation error!), and D'Angelico. Now John D'Angelico was a famous New York luthier who died in 1964. While he was alive John sold the name to La Belle strings to market D'Angelico branded strings. After his death the branding rights seem to have been expanded to cover new guitars as well, and been sold on a few times? In 1988 the Japanese electronic musical instrument maker Vestax signed a deal to make Instruments, Guitars certainly, bearing the D'Angelico name under licence. At some point after 2010 Vestax appears to have passed the rights to Crews, (and maybe given up Guitar making altogether?) In 2014 Crews released a limited edition Archtop soprano scale Ukulele under the D'Angelico Guitars branding for sale in Japan only. I have not seen any other Ukuleles under any of their other names. They appear to have made a second release of the archtop, still using the D'Angelico name but half the price of the first, (though still expensive), and with simpler, natural or monotone finishes and an expanded range of scale lengths, (Soprano, Concert and Tenor though I'm not sure the body size changes so it's more like Super scales?) This has nothing to do with the US firm D'Angelico Guitars founded in 2011, though the two companies seem to be arguing over who actually has rights to the brand name?

Crews have also released some Ukuleles under their own name, the range is called Ayrene and so far I have only seen Concerts but in mahogany or mango

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