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Heidi Litke founded Beansprout Banjos in 2007 with her husband and Aaron Kiem. In 2010 she sold her interest in Beansprout and went to study building Classical Guitars, traditional Ukuleles and french polishing under Luthier Robbie O'Brien. In 2012 she then studied with Edward Dick for a while before started Red Sands in Prince Edward Island, Canada, building traditional hand made Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles, plus Guitars, finished with french polish, using sustainable local woods like maple, birch and spruce. Officially she is retired and has said considered herself a hobby luthier but her setup looks very professional to me. She doesn't take commissions, just makes the instruments she wants and then sells them. In addition to this she continues to hone her skills with other Luthiers and teaches a Ukulele building class with Robbie O'Brien.

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