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Maya Acoustic Baritone circa 1972
1970's Maya Baritone
Asturias Tenor
Asturias "Solo" Tenor
Teruyuki Tashiro 14 fret Concert
Teruyuki Tashiro Concert
Starting out in 1962 this firm was the owner of the Maya and El Maya brand names, (They may also have had a brand called Aztec?) These brands were initially made by Tahara a company founded by Ryohei Tahara in Matsumoto around 1970. They did all of the Ukulele production branded Maya, (and probably the other brands), but the factory went bankrupt in the mid 1970's. After this Rokkomann opened its own factory in Kobe calling it the Maya Guitar company but it only made Guitars. This was destroyed in the Kobe Earthquake of 1995, and I read that and Rokkomann went out of business at this time too. However I see that Rokkomann is still going, still based in Kobe and is the owner of the Asturias Guitar Manufacturing Co. in Japan and the Super Light Case Co. in Korea plus they are a Japanese distributor for other brands, like Baton Rouge

Asturias Guitars

This firm was also started in 1962, (though apparently they only started making Ukuleles in the early 2000's) and specialises in high quality hand built acoustic chordophones, primarily Guitars, but also Mandolins and Ukuleles. On the Ukulele front I have seen Sopranos, Super Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors made by Asturias in a number of laminate and solid woods. (There is the suggestion of Superconcerts too but I don't see how a Tenor scale 14 fret Instrument is anything but a Tenor?)

It also appears that some of Asturias's best luthiers can make instruments under their own name as well as working for Asturias, (not completely sure of the arrangement here), and that Rokkomann will then distribute these instrument too.

Teruyuki Tashiro

He is the main person for Ukuleles making Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors, but it looks like there is a similar arrangement for a couple of Mandolin and Guitar makers too? Usually his logo is a stylized T but I have seen him use TT Cafe as well 

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