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Breedlove us made ukulele
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Breedlove us made ukulele
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The firm was founded by Larry Breedlove and Steve Henderson in Bend, Oregon, USA, 1990 making Guitars, with Larry's brother Kit joining after a couple of years and running the company until it was acquired in 2010 by Tom Bedell. Over the years since its founding it added Mandolins and Ukuleles to its catalogue, though prior to the takeover it only made Tenors in three designs, the Master Class, the American and the Signature, as standard. There were custom Ukuleles made though and I have seen a custom Soprano After the takeover things continued much the same, even with Kit Breedlove in charge of operations and the same range of Ukuleles, but in 2015 Ukulele production in the US was stopped.

Breedlove Ukuleles reappeared in the catalogue in late 2018 with a new range called Lu'au that are made in China. They come as Concert or Tenor and are predominantly made from myrtle

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