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From Bytown, Ottawa, Ontario, this firm started with two men making these Ukuleles, Joel Jacques and Mark Rodgers. Both were former cabinet makers and they make all scales of Ukulele from Sopranino through to Baritone plus Banjoleles and Resonator models; I've not seen any extra string examples though. At some point Joel Jacques started Ukebox Lessons and pulled out of this endeavor, (though on the Ukebox website it suggests he is still a partner?) and Mark Rodgers gave up making Ukuleles, (he still makes Harps though), to concentrate on selling commercially made Ukuleles, Ukulele and Harp accessories, and doing instrument repair. I get the feeling from his gallery page he would still take a Ukulele commision though and from the Ukebox lessons website it suggests Joel Jacques would take a commision too?

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