D'Angelico Guitars

d'angelico guitars montauk spalt mango soprano ukulele
Spalt Montauk Soprano
d'angelico guitars bayside mahogany concert ukulele
Mahogany Bayside
d'angelico guitars bayside mango concert ukulele
Bayside spalt mango
John D'Angelico, and Italian American from New York is widely regarded as one of the best Guitar makers who ever lived; He died in 1964. This firm was founded in New York in 2011 by some people who had brought the naming rights from the D'Angelico family after his death. Some of the Guitars they sell are loosely based on the original D'Angelico designs but, apart from the headstock, most and all of the Ukuleles are fairly standard Far Eastern fare, (They do claim that their very top end hand made instruments are made in the same workshop in New York that John D'Angelico used).

On the Ukulele front, they have only been in the catalogue since 2018 and they are all flat top models, (unlike the original D'Angelico who made archtop models) There is the Montauk which is a Soprano and the Bayside which is a Concert. Both come as either laminate mahogany or spalt mango and both are made in China

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