Candelas Guitars (& Delgado Guitars)

1938 candalas soprano ukulele
1940's Soprano
Candelas Concert Ukulele
2010's Candelas Concert
Delgardo Tenor Ukulele
2010's Delgado Tenor
When you look at either website the history of the company starts with Porfirio Delgado Flores and his brother Candelario Delgado Flores, (known as Candelas), starting a luthiery firm in Mexico in 1928, then moving to El Paso and finally in 1948 to Los Angeles where amongst other things they made Ukuleles for the Schireson Brothers. In 1955, Porfirio’s son, Candelario joined the business and both of Candelario's sons joining the business too. Manuel A. Delgado started in the business at age 7 and built his first guitar at age 12 in 1983, Tomas joined the business officially in 1990 but I'm sure he too, started out learning at a young age

After this the history lesson on both websites stop and we jump to the present day. Candelas Guitars is still in Los Angeles and is run by Tomas Delgado. Delgado Guitars is in Nashville and is run by Manuel A. Delgado. They both specialise in Guitars but make other chordophones too, including all of the Mexican Folk Chordophones and Ukuleles. Candelas only makes Soprano, Concert and Tenor, Delgardo makes Baritones too, though Candelas does make a Venezuelan Cuatro so could easily make Baritones should one be wanted. I believe the company was originally Candelas but its not obvious and reading between the lines it appears the current brothers are not the best of friends?

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