Deviser Co.

Mabuhay Tenor
Mabuhay Tenor
Headway Long Neck Soprano ukulele
Headway 35th anv Koa Supersoprano
Loco Soprano
Loco Soprano
This is a difficult Company to write about as most of the information on them, including their website is in Japanese. This is what I have worked out so far. The Company started as Headway Guitars in Japan in 1977. A Chinese Factory was added in 2000 and a Philippine factory in 2010. The current Japanese head office is in Matsumoto, though it has been elsewhere in the past. Also over this period there has been some company management changes, (none of which I can fathom at the moment), but the head company changed name to Deviser Co., another company called Asuka has been created and some other brands of Guitar were launched, (that may or may not be registered companies too?). Bacchus Guitars was I believe the first, but STR Guitars, Momose Guitars and others have also been launched.

Under the Headway brand I have seen a range of standard looking Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles, Soprano and Concert koa and mahogany "35th anniversary" specials, some mahogany cigar box Sopranos and Concerts with a very distinctive headstock, (but no sign of cigars), and a Bass Ukulele. I have also read that Headway made the Vox "Hello Kitty" Ukuleles

Another brand from their website is the old Kumalae Ukulele brand name which it appears they have registered, relaunched and are now selling new Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles in koa laminate, mahogany laminate or solid mahogany using the original logo. I can't see that they have any affiliation with the old Hawaiian brand however, or any evidence that these new Ukuleles are made in Hawaii.

In 2014 they opened a factory and added a new Philippine made brand of Ukuleles to the catalogue. The brand is called Mabuhay and the range consists of Soprano, Concert and Tenor scales all made in Mango harvested from old Mango orchards when the trees have stopped producing fruit; well that's what the publicity says. This Factory is also producing a range of solid bodied instruments using the same wood. These go out with the branding SH Guitars, and the range includes a nylon strung Soprano, a nylon strung Tenor scale Guitalele and a Baritone scale Ukulele Bass

With the other Guitar brands there is no sign of Ukuleles on the website, STR, (in some sort of conjunction with Headway?) brand natural and coloured Guitaleles but that is is. I am also unclear as to what brands are made in what country? It doesn't matter now though because all of the Guitaleles have been moved over to the SH branding and STR not longer brand any

Other brand I have found that they definitely own but are very hard to find on the main site are Loco Ukuleles:- This range appears to consist of Concert and Tenor solid mahogany Ukuleles with three levels of trim; the 3, (least fancy), the 5, (with abalone binding), and the Rope (rope binding) and La Uke (or maybe Lauke?) in a number of wood finishes and often with a cutaway. I think these two represent older brand names that are no longer in use?

I believe this firm has nothing to do the the Huayi Musical Instruments Co. who brand some of their Ukuleles Deviser

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