Fanner Guitar Works

Wisp Baritone
Fanner Guitar Works Uketele
Pixelator Tenor
Fanner Guitar Works Uketele
Pee Wee Uke Bass
This is a Cape Town, South Africa firm founded in 2000 by Brian Fanner. They make a number of electric chordophones including the famous African Oil Can Guitar but (since 2013), Ukuleles are also some of their biggest sellers. The Ukuleles are all based around famous Guitar designs and come as a 17 inch scale Tenor, 19 inch scale Baritone or 22½ inch scale Tenor Guitar, though there is also a 22½ inch scale Uke Bass they call the Pee Wee as well. The Ukuleles themselves can be solid or chambered and although there are a number of standard models everything is customisable including a lot of the metalwork as they make all of the bridges and control plates themselves, (they also make their own pickups too). The actual model names have changed around over the years and I am not sure if there was and physical change to the design but, for example the "Phantomette" has become the "Wisp" and the "Ukutele" has become the Pixelator? I have also seen 8 string versions of the Ukuleles but I am unsure if these were supposed to be Taropatches or some kind of Mandolin variant?

As well as the Guitar hommage Ukuleles they occasionally make (depending on availability), a kind of Cocolele but using Coco De Mare rather than coconuts, (and they put a pickup in too)

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