folkcraft druid moon ukulele
Concert, curly maple
folkcraft druid moon ukulele
folkcraft druid moon ukulele

Folkcraft Instruments was founded in 1968 and is now based in Woodburn Indiana. Originally they started out making Dulcimers and there is a full history on the website.

In 2009 they expanded their catalogue and introduced Ukuleles under the branding Druid Moon. Coming as Soprano, Concert or Tenor and made in a variety of woods they all feature a distinctive three quarter circle soundhole and bridge plus the end of the fret board cut to match the sound hole shape. They don't do extra strings, super scales or even cutaways bodys. though I have seen them make Mandolins, (but these don't feature on the website). They also produce a hybrid instrument they call a Dulcilele which is basically a Soprano Ukulele with a Dulcimer fretboard.

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