Francis, Day & Hunter - FDH Ltd.

FDH Carnival Banjolele
Frances Day & Hunter Festival Ukulele Banjo
Silver Knight

Francis, Day and Hunter are UK music publisher from the 19th c, incorporated in 1926, (so anything with Ltd. on it was made after 1926), and still in business today though as a subsidiary of EMI. Like other UK music publishers of the 20's and 30's, they tried their hand at musical instrument distribution and amongst other things, they distributed 2 types of Gibson guitar from 1936 to 1939 branded FDH. Nowadays people try to say anything branded FDH is a re-branded Gibson, They are not! All of the re-branded banjo instruments, (not just Banjoleles), I have seen came from George Houghton & Sons. The Banjoleles I have seen are all rebranded from the Melody range Carnival was a Melody Junior and Festival, a Melody Uke. (I have seen another GH&S Banjolele branded Pageant and I don't know if this was part of FDH's lineup or not?). Another set of brand names they used was Golden Knight and Silver Knight, again made by GH&S, and these were differentiated by (I believe) coloured lacquer or paint work. I have never seen an FDH branded Ukulele.

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