Tony Francis Instruments

anthony Tony Francis tenor Ukulele
Traditional Tenor
anthony Tony Francis
Square neck slide Ukulele
Beltona Francis koa top Type#2 Concert
Beltona Francis Concert
Tony Francis is a luthier from Waikanae, New Zealand who is most known for his Weissenborn style square neck acoustic slide guitars. He has been making instruments for some years and his back catalogue includes a number of Ukuleles; his website shows that the commissioning of a Ukulele from his is still a standard option.

He Ukuleles are usually very traditional and based on the ones Hermann Weissenborn made with bridge pins and rope binding, but he did collaborate with Steve Evans of Beltona to make some crossover Concert Ukuleles using the Beltona resin back and sides. I have seen Lili's and square neck slide Ukuleles made by him, as well as the more standard models too

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