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Tsunoda & Co "Aloha" Soprano
1960 Tsunoda & Co. "Aloha"
Fujigen FGNA Soprano Ukulele
FGNA Premium Concert
Pupukea Super Concert Ukulele
Pupukea SuperConcert
Fujigen Guitars are a Japanese company started in 1960 as Fuji Gen Gakki, (it changed in 1989), to service the fretted chordophone boom of the time, along with a number of other makers, (though I am unsure of any Ukulele brands they were producing at that time I have seen a number of places say they had something to do with Tsunoda & Co. and the Tokyo Industrial Violin Factory in the beginning, but nothing substantive beyond they did start out making Violins to start with but quickly moved on to Guitars, and all through translators?). They were very highly regarded in this period and produced guitars certainly for Yamaha, Ibanez and Greco amongst others. (It is also worth noting that when people talk of the "Lawsuit Guitars" for the period, the actual threatened lawsuit in question was Norlin, Gibson's owners of the time threatening to sue Fujigen! For some reason people seem to forget Martin suing Yasuma first, and winning which is why this was only ever a threatened lawsuit?) Unlike a lot of the other firms of this period, Fujigen is still in business making musical instruments; and wooden panels for posh cars. Obviously given the name the main musical instrument is still electric Guitars but they do make acoustic instruments too including a range of Ukulele that up until 2012 were branded Pupukea.

Pupukea had a comprehensive range Ukuleles, starting with laminate and going up to solid Mahogany and Koa. They came as Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale instruments, plus Super Soprano and Super Concert and even the Tenor Scale Super Soprano.

In 2012 they decided to drop the brand name and move the Ukuleles into the a closer branding to the Guitars so they are now FGN Acoustic, or FGNA. The FGNA Ukuleles come as Soprano, Concert or Tenor and as Premium or Standard. They are all solid wood and feature a blue rose on the headstock, sometimes the name Indigo Rose too. In the Premium they use opal for some of the inlay including the rose.

In 2013 they made an Anniversary range and dropped the blue rose on the headstock

Since writing the above paragraphs Fugigen have brought back the rose as a headstock motif, brought back Pupukea as a more budget line and cut the range to Soprano and Concert only.

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