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Godin multiuke Sunburst Tenor ukulele
Sunburst (Maple Top)
Godin multiuke tenor Ukulele
Natural (Spruce Top)
godin seagull soprano Ukulele
Seagull Soprano
Godin are a fairly large high end Guitar maker from Canada. They were founded in Quebec in the 1990's by Robert Godin and in 2012 had 5 factories in Canada and one in New Hampshire USA. Though Godin mainly produce Guitars they do have a Mandolin in the catalogue and in 2013 they added a couple of electro-acoustic Tenor Ukuleles they call a Multiuke, to their Multiac range too. They both had a mahogany body but one comes with a spruce top and a vintage sunburst finish and the other a cedar top and a natural finish. In 2013 they extended the range by adding a koa topped version, also with a natural finish. All of the Ukuleles, (and the Mandolins and a significant number of the Guitars), are produced by getting a block of wood, and carving it out to produce the back and sides as one piece (a bit like Cuk production but Godin use routers not hand carving). On top of this, not only does each string have its own saddle but there is a separate pickup under each saddle too, (oddly though despite all of this separation the saddles are not adjustable?) Another quirk is Godin Ukuleles have a truss rod in the neck though they are nylon strung, (so you can't adjust the saddle but you can adjust the neck).

Godin produce a number of other brands of Guitar as well as Godin, (I'm guessing here a different brand in each factory), Simon & Patrick, Arte & Lutherie, Lapatrie, Norman and Seagull. All of these are produced in a more usual, back and sides and glue way, but only Seagull makes Ukuleles as well. They started producing an electric acoustic Soprano in 2018. You get a choice of steel or nylon strung but both Ukuleles use undersaddle piezo pickups and apart from the string texture they are the same.

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