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The company, which is most famous for electric guitars and amps, was originally called Matsuki Manufacturing and was founded in 1933 by Mitsuo Matsuki, making Lap steels and early amplifiers. After WWII (and his army draft), He started up again as a sub contractor for Aoi Onpa, (as Teisco was called then), and making amps and lap steel guitars branded Guya, (which was his nickname), for the Japanese market. By 1951 the Guitars had become Guyatone and the company name was changed to Tokyo Sound Labs (later Co.). and in 1956 founded Guyatone. They were the first Japanese manufacturer to sell their own brand named instruments to the American public, but the were also heavily involved in the Japanese OEM production of the 60's, producing amps, pickups, (Matsuki, liked doing the electrics), and a lot of different brands of Guitar certainly, for a lot of different people. It's much harder to say much about the Ukuleles, as most of information is only about the Guitars. It is possible they never made any Ukuleles and only acted as a middle man, (it is documented that Maruha Gakki did some of the woodwork for their hollowbody Guitars so may have actually been the OEM? I have also seen Acoustic Guitars clearly labeled Guyatone so it is a possibility too), but there are some brands that they are down as the only producer of?

In 1969 Guyatone went bankrupt, and having pulled the company out of bankruptcy in the 70's production was much reduced focusing mainly on instrument for the Japanese market. In 1995 Mitsuo Matsuki died and in 2013 Guyatone separated from Tokyo Sound Co. to become an independent firm mainly making Guitar effects pedals.

When they were doing the OEM work in the 1950's and 60's they produced instruments branded Antoria, Barclay, Broadway, Coronado, Crestwood, Delta, Futurama, Guya, Guyatone, Howard, Hi-Lo, Ibanez, Ideal, Imperial, Johnny Guitar, Kent, Kingston, Lafayette, Lake, Montclair, Omega, Orpheus, Prestige, Royalist, Saturn, Silhouette, Silvertone, Vernon, Winston, Zenta and probably produced Beeton, Bradford, Canora, Maxwell and Regent. This may not be all the brands they made, I haven't seen all of these brand names used on Ukuleles and they may not have been the only firm producing them?

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