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Hopf is a German instrument maker that has been around for hundreds of years first as a Violin maker founded in 1669 and later introducing other instruments. There appears to have been all of the relocation issues to escape the iron curtain post WWII under the name Willy Hopf & Co. They were another of those German electric Guitar makers, like Hofner and Hoyer who in the 1950's and 60's made a number of interesting looking Archtops and a few Ukuleles too. I am a bit vague on the history here as to whether or not the firm stopped trading in the last quarter of the 20th century, the information I have found is quite vague, (and translations engines can be tricky). I am a little vague on the current situation too, (again translation engines), from what I understand Hopf is back in business - if they ever actually went out of business - under a Dieter Hopf who says he is a direct descendant of the original founder, Caspar Hopf, (maybe, but particularly when you look at the Violin part of the history there have been a lot of branches since then?). He has some sort of workshop that mainly makes Classical Guitars, bur there is also a wholesale business, (he took over from Carl Hellweg), that sells Violins, Mandolins, guitars from other makers and the like

I have seen a Tenor Ukulele in his 2014 catalogue though from the look of it I'm fairly sure it was made by Kremona

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