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Hamano Soprano Ukulele
H-100 Soprano
U-450 Concert
U-35 Soprano
Hamano is a Chinese manufacturer of Ukuleles; apparently the first one to make good quality solid wood ones in China. They are distributed by Saga in North America and were distributed by Gremlin in Europe so it appears they are their own brand , (or part of a Chinese corporation I haven't found yet?) The range started out just as and all Mahogany, Soprano, Concert or Tenor scale and very traditional in look based loosely on the vintage Martin S1. Since it's early days it has gone down market, dropping the H-100 range of good solid ones and releasing a budget range of colourful sopranos and a couple of higher spec, but still fairly low end, ranges, that includes a Baritone and a Pineapple plus at the very top of the new range is an Acacia Soprano and Concert. This new lineup all has model numbers starting with U and the higher the number the better the standard.

I did also hear that Saga now owns the Hamano Brand but I haven't been able to confirm this.

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