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Hohner mij 1970's soprano ukulele
1960's Hohner Soprano
Lanikai Lili'u
Lanikai SOT-6 Lili'u
Kohana Tiki Concert
Kohana Tiki Concert
Hohner truetone Ukulele pitch pipes
My 1930 Hohner Truetone pichpipe set - no10 Ukulele
Founded in 1857, in Trossingen, by Matthias Hohner, Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. are a German Musical Instrument Manufacturer. They started in 1857 and are famous for Harmonicas, Guitars and Accordions amongst other instruments. Historically, the range included some post war Ukuleles sold as Hohner, (possibly made in the Far East rather than Germany?), plus a children's range of instruments dating from the 1980s called Musikland that included a Ukulele, (made in China by I think, the National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Corporation). I have not seen anything to suggest they made them pre WWII though? Their range today does include Ukuleles but these are not usually branded Hohner except one found in their 6+ Kids Instrument range, (that replaced Musikland)


In 2000 Hohner launched a subsituary they called Lanikai. The name was chosen to sound Hawaiian but I don't know why they decided Ukuleles were a good marketplace to move into? This is now the main Ukulele brand name used by Hohner, (it is also the firm Mike Upton started in). The Ukuleles are definitely made in the Far East now, (some from China - and a lot of Chinese makers claim to be the OEM for Lanikai? - and I have seen some made in Indonesia too). They are mainly laminate but have a reasonable reputation, (and they do look very similar to a number of other popular Chinese made Ukuleles brands), in a number of woods or wood veneers. The range itself is very extensive, though mainly Concerts and Tenors, they do include a few Sopranos and Baritones too, along with Lili'us, Taropatches and a Soprano and Concert Banjolele, but no Sopranino. The company tries very hard to be innovative, and as well as producing limited edition ranges in different wood choices they developed, (in conjunction with fishman), a range of electro-acoustics that include a USB port so the Ukulele can be plugged directly into a computer, they call the UkeSB range. Also in 2013 they started using a compensated nut and a bridge with independently adjustable saddles to overcome any issues with intonation they call the TunaUke and though they are not the first with either innovation they are the first major maker to bring it to market. In 2014 they introduced a new series to the Lanikai brand they call Makau. These are all solid koa, come as Soprano Concert, Superconcert and Tenor, and are manufactured in Oahu, Hawaii They have discontinued all of these innovations and are just producing the basic ukulelemodels with standard Nu-Bone saddles and nuts now, but in 2019 they introduced some 5 string "double g" Tenors.


After introducing the Lanikai range Hohner introduced a budget range of Ukuleles they brand as Kohala. There are all laminate but they do Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone versions. As will as natural(ish) finishes they do a couple of colourful ranges, (in Soprano and Concert only), one of which is called Tiki and has a special tiki shaped bridge and in 2018 they introduced acoustic Guitars to the range
These have nothing to do with the pre WWII Ukuleles branded as Kohala

Another branding Hohner use, but for Latin American, especially Mexican, folk chordophones is H. Jimenez I have not seen any Ukuleles branded as such but given the nature of Latin chordophone there is bound to be something that gets mistaken for a Ukulele

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