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Sites with Useful Information
Sites with Useful Information
A fine collection of Braguinha's and other Maderan instruments 
A great archive of early 20th century Trade catalogues 
Andy Banjo - Very good site for information on Banjos and banjoleles 
Antebellum Instruments - Does up old instruments,photographs them, writes about them and sells them. 
Atlas of Plucked Instruments - describes pretty much every plucked instrument type. - A site listing makers of US Banjoleles with a bit of history 
Blue Book of Guitar valuations - valuation is not free but they have a nice encyclopaedia of makers and distributors 
Chordie - my favorite Song tabs and chords site- they do a special for C and D tuned ukuleles on a lot of the songs 
Chordmaster -a good site for info on Plastic Ukes and Chordmasters 
Dream Ukes - a top Ukulele shop with branches is Hawaii and Singapore that stocks work for many luthiers and ships around the world 
Elderly Instruments - Big US music shop that includes a good selection of pre loved instruments and a great photo gallery of instruments that have passed through the shop 
Everything you need to know about British Banjos and Banjoleles of the early 1900's  
Fairly full history of the Ukulele 
Feltrums (Felt Picks) and other Ukulele paraphernalia for sale - they do a good sample set of feltrums so you can find the one you like - Its where I get mine 
Flea Markets site for buying and selling Ukuleles (the best place to sell good ones) 
Fox Guitars - a very good site on the history of Gibson and Epiphone including the other brands Gibson made instruments for 
French site about guitars with a very lage database of European and North American Luthiers Museum some nice photos here 
Gear Track A site for Registering Musical instrument and alerting others should your Instruments get stolen 
German Guitar Makers of the 20th Century 
Google Sites The Host for this Website 
Great collection of German made Ukuleles 
Greg Milners bizzare collection of stringed instruments 
Guitar Planet Japan - a shop that has the cream of Ukuleles on sale have a look and see what the currently have 
Instruments Past - Antique, vintage and collectors' musical instruments for sale in the UK 
Jedistar a large database of guitar and other Chordophone makers 
John Croft ( - A great site for information and photographs of Older Ukuleles and Banjoleles, (UK Based) including some quality Instruments for sale 
Just Ukulele a site that is just Ukulele playing lessons - and some songs to practice too 
Kiwaya's Ukulele Museum in Japan 
Mugwumps has lots of information on Folk instruments including a banjo Tailpiece database 
Museum of Making Music - Nice site with some info and nice pictures of Old Ukuleles 
Museum of Soviet Guitars (some great looking models and lots of information on them if you translate 
Museum of the Cavaquinho in Portugal - A good site for allthings Cavaquinho and barguinha 
Notecannons - Website about Resonator Instruments 
Omega Music - A Good UK shop for Ukuleles, Ukulele Accessories and other musical equipment, It's also where I get my strings from 
Piccolo Place a site about Banjoleles and small Banjos 
RetroFret - A good plase for quality pre-loved instruments and a great gallery of Instruments that have passed through their hands. 
the Artur Pestana Andrade (APA ) Museum, contributing to the study and preservation of the cultural musical heritage of Madeira 
The Puerto Rican Cuatro Project - a very interesting site about the Puerto Rican folk instruments including an explanation of why ithe cuatro has 10 strings 
The Ukulele Hall of Fame reference desk - A useful resource for older US and Hawaiian Ukuleles. 
The Ukulele Restoration barn a nice blog and a cheap restorer - has some nice ones for sale 
The Wood database - for information about Tone woods and things including illustrations of the various woods 
Tiki King - Ukulele makers database plus lots of other stuff 
Ukulele Friend - an online shop for some of the top Hawaiian made Ukuleles today (and some top old ones too) also keeps a good picture database of Ukuleles he has had in the past 
Ukulele Strummers Site - a nice general Ukulele Site 
UkuleleUnderground - the main Ukulele blogging forum 
US web shop specialising in quality experienced Ukuleles - has a lovely gallery too 
Vintage Banjo Maker - A database of Old Banjos there is some crossover and they need info too 
Vintage Mandolin Makers form Europe 
Vintage Ukes For Sale have a good photo archive. 
Weymann instrument serial numbers 
Yano's Ukulele Island - An interesting Japanese site with lots of photos of Ukuleles and some information on them in Japanese possibly more than here for some brands as I have trouble translating 
Youkulele.Com - the top Italian Ukulele Blog and Lessons site (in Italian) but he knows all about what's happening Ukulele wise in Italy 
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