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Kelii Supersoprano Ukulele
Keli'i Long Neck Soprano
Koa Pili Koa Pineapple Soprano Ukulele
Koa Pili Koko Pineapple
The firm was started by Casey (aka KC) Moore in 1996 in Pearl City, Oahu Hawaii making mid to high end Hawaiian Ukuleles. Some people include Keli'i as one of the Hawaiian "Big K's" but not everyone.


(I've seen it with and without the ') is the main branding and are usually Koa and I believe were originally made in Hawaii, but since some time before 2013 this has changes so that sufficient work is still done in Hawaii to legally say "made in Hawaii" but its probably more accurate to say assembled in Hawaii now


This is the name usually reserved for the lower spec Ukuleles that incorporate a mahogany body or back and sides. These too I believe were suppose to be made in Hawaii

Koa Pili Koko

(sometimes referred to as KPK) These are his imports, (made by Aiersi Guitars in China who sometimes sell them to others but just as Pili Koko) and as the name implies are usually made of Koa

I have seen Sopranos, Concerts, Tenors and the long neck options plus Soprano Pineapples, Lili'us and Taropatches for all brands.

This was how the business was set up but as time moves on I think the Keilani name has been dropped and they are all Kelii now and I'm not sure if Moore still owns KPK?

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