George Kempton

George Kempton "Kemptone"
Kemtone front
George Kempton rear resonator
Kemptone back
George Kempton Banjolele
From Bugsy Malone movie
George Kempton came from Dartford, Kent where he had a music shop and started making Banjos around 1968. He was a trained clock maker and was an aircraft fitter for the R.A.F during his national service which is where he learned his engineering skills. He mainly made Tenor and Plectrum Banjos but he did made some Banjoleles, (apparently he was a friend of Jack Abbott's and learned a bit about Banjo making from him), including the Banjolele used in the film Bugsy Malone and some that he branded Kemptone. Sadly the shop went out of business in the mid 70's which stopped most, if not all of his production and certainly put an end to his ambition of batch production of Banjoleles.

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