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Paulete Bamboo concert Ukulele
Paulete Bamboo Concert
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Kiwaya are a Japanese manufacturer founded in 1919 by Kiwaya Shokai. After the "Ukulele Craze" of the post war occupation in Japan they persevered with Ukuleles and are now arguably, Japan's foremost Ukulele manufacturer. They certainly have a reputation for producing high quality Soprano, Concert and Tenor scale instruments and running a proper Ukulele museum. As well as producing Ukuleles under their own name the also appear to own a number of other brand names and they are a major distributor of other quality brands within Japan. To add to my difficulty in understanding the makeup of this business there is a website for the export market and another for the local market in Japanese that is much larger with a lot more product ranges but it looks like those Ukuleles branded Kiwaya are only for export as this site doesn't feature them?
Because, with some of the brands, I am unsure if they own/produce or just distribute I will list them separately

(Kiwaya) K

This is a new brand for 2013 and would appear to be Kiwaya giving in to the inevitable. It is a range of koa laminate Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles with long neck and cutaway variants, that are in both the local and the export catalogue. The headstock branding is just a K but the soundhole label has the K over the Kiwaya, and though it doesn't say it anywhere in the catalogue I believe these are made in China, (for all of the Japanese ones it specifically says made in Japan but the country of origin here is left out?)  Alternatively it is a rebranding of K-Wave with new logos and dropping the "wave"?


These are produced in China and appears to be their budget brand. As well as K-Wave I have seen the with just K on the headstock, (but a different font K to the Kiwaya K headstock logo?). They come in Sopranino through to Tenor but with no long neck options and they also do the Les Paul and the Telecaster like Concerts they say are "Rock Ukes" One they do here that I haven't seen under another brand is the Gold Top copy. The Rock Ukes certainly went out of production in 2012 and it may be the whole brand did to be replaced by Kiwaya K, (though both brands were still being shown on the website in 2014) as there doesn't appear to be many on sale now though they never were widely available in Europe (but interestingly The Rock Uke Models were, but branded as Brunswick)


This was a range of Soprano and Concert bamboo Ukuleles. made in China, that appeared in Kiwaya's local catalogue in 2010. I'm not sure Kiwaya actually owned the brand but they left the catalogue in 2012 and no longer seem to be in production?

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