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Some of the information here comes form dodgy translations from Chinese so I'm not sure its right and open to anyone who can give a better translation. Anyway from what I can gather: The parent company name is Ultra Musical instrument Co or maybe Pin-Chao Musical Instrument Co? They have certainly been in business since 2011 and started out with some Soprano, long neck Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles including some with decorated sound holes. Standard sort of fair for Chinese Ukuleles and the also use the Yumy brand name for what appears to be a more budget all laminate range. On top of this I have seen unbranded Ukuleles from them too, suggesting they have done some OEM work. What brings them into international recognition though was the development, in conjunction, (somehow?), with Aquila, of their Mini Uke. This was developed (apparently over a period of 8 months), in order to perfect the ultra thin Aquila Sopranino string that tunes to g C E A but an octave higher than a Soprano Ukulele, (these strings are only suitable for a small Sopranino too). The Ukuleles, (which the Italian connection like to refer to as piccolo scale), come with a figure 8 or a pineapple body shape and in natural, vintage or cherry sunburst finish. They say some of the Ukulele design work was done in Japan but I don't know what? They have gone on from the original range produced in conjunction with Aquila to market their own version of the strings, produce additional Mini Uke models with laser cut sound holes and a solid electric, (bone shaped), version they call the I-Dog

This range has nothing to do with the prototype Tenor iUke developed by iGuitars in 2005 nor to the iUke shop in Thailand who have their own brand Ukuleles. Sticking an "i" in front of something is a popular marketing ploy since Apple Computers started it.

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