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J. Thibouville-Lamy & Co.

Jetel no.8 banjo Ukulele
Jetel 8 Banjolele
J Thibouville Lamy Jetel long scale Ukulele
Long Scale JeTel
Jetel Virtuosa Soprano
J. Thibouville-Lamy & Co. were a firm that was established in Paris in 1790 and opened an office in 10 Charterhouse Street, London, in 1880. In France they were manufacturers of every type of brass and wood instrument, who advertised their extensive "steam factories at Grenelle, La Couture and Mirecourt." At the latter they made a wide range of Guitars, Mandolins and Ukuleles. Soon after they opened their London house they added Banjos in their catalogue but these were made for them by British makers like A.O.Windsor. The majority of the instruments sold under their name, including Ukuleles, were made in their own factories in France but not Banjos and Banjoleles. (it also appears likely that they were the OEM for some Ukuleles to be distributed by some of the UK firms?)

Jetel was probably their biggest brand name and they used in on a lot of chordophones including Ukuleles, (made in France and possibly Spain?), and Banjoleles, (made by Windsor), I have also seen them use Jetelele on some of the most basic models but they usually just assigned a number to signify the level of decoration the 8 was the fanciest. These Banjoleles were basically the same design as the Keech Banjuleles made by Dallas and the reason for this is, though Dallas made Alvin Keech patent the design in Britain, Keech also patented the design in France and sold the rights on to Thibouville-Lamy 

Victory and Lamy are other brand names that I have seen them use, again on British made Banjoleles and I suspect them of being JTC-L and having something to do with Down Souths and Handels but I have no firm proof? They also produced a line of Ukuleles called Virtuosa in the 1930's

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