Jisheng Musical Instrument Co.

Jisheng Frame Electric Concert Ukulele Corner
Concert Frame
Sojing Roundback Soprano
Peanut Soprano
jisheng sojing triangle jumbo tenor baritone ukulele
Jumbo Tenor
Jisheng are a Chinese / Hong Kong musical instrument producer founded in 1985 with a big factory in Guangzhou. They make all sorts of Chordophone and have produced instruments as OEM for better known brands, (I know Bugsgear have had Ukuleles produced there in the past and Gremlin have distributed instruments from them too), but mainly they seem to make quirky Ukuleles and Banjoleles for smaller importers to brand. If you look at some of the examples pictured here, including mine, I sure you will recognise the model if not the brand

If there is no other branding, the factory brands are Jisheng or Sojing.

The terms Frame, Silent and Skeleton are really generic terms to describe any fully electric instrument that is a through neck design with some kind of frame fitted to represent the rest of the body. A number of people make them and the idea is used for pretty much all chordophones, (I have even seen Ouds, Ruans and other of the Asian folk instrument range given this treatment too), but with Ukuleles it is most often used to describe the Jisheng models because they are the most common.

They use to have a website but it's gone now and all of the Chinese supplier sites have very old information on so I'm not sure they are still going?

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