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LAG U77S Soprano Ukulele Corner
My u77s Soprano
Lâg koa Tenor Ukulele
U700 Koa Tenor
Lâg Guitars was founded by Michel Lâg Chavarria in 1978, in Southern France and making Guitars. All of the bespoke Guitar work is still done in France but I believe the stock Guitars and Ukuleles are made in the Far East, (Enya Musical Instruments Co in China claim they are the OEM but I'm not convinced; Tenon Industrial look much more likely?). They come in a few ranges from the laminate u44 range upwards, in Soprano and Concert. With the top u700 koa range they also include a Tenor.

I've not seen a custom built Lâg Ukulele only Guitars but that doesn't mean there aren't any? I've not seen any Baritones pineapples or extra string options either.

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