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larravee soprano Ukulele
1996 Soprano
1999 Concert
2005 Soprano
2015 Concert
Larrivee baritone Ukulele
2015 Baritone
2016 Tenor
collings archtop Ukulele
Spruce&Rosewood Tenor
Headstock Inlay
2015 Soprano

Larrivée Guitars was founded 1n 1968 by Jean Larrivee in Toronto, Canada. Over the years it has grown into a large manufacturing outfit and moved, now being located in Vancouver, Canada with a second factory in California, (there is a full history on the website) and they proudly boast "every Larrivée is built using all solid wood. No plys, laminates, or "layered" woods are ever used". As well as making Guitars they make Mandolins and in the past they made Ukuleles too, mainly for the Japanese market. The earliest I have seen is 1996 and the latest is 2006, but there are a few out there, mostly Sopranos but some Concerts too in Mahogany Spruce and Koa. The story is they stopped making Ukuleles because none of the craftsmen wanted to make them? Jean Larrivee regularly said the Ukulele production would start again and it started again in 2015 with Tenors and Baritones added to the range but this resurgence was only short lived and Ukuleles are not in the catalogue again now.
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