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Maruha Soprano
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Maruha Gakki Seizo, (Maruha Musical Instruments Worldwide), was located in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka, was founded in 1948 and made primarily acoustic Guitars, however they also made Mandolins and Ukuleles too. As well as Maruha, there is a second branding of Hashimoto or F. Hashimoto, (I have seen both), in Japan that is associated with it and In the US I have seen Guitars branded Domino and Monica, but no other instruments.

It was founded by Mr Fumio Hashimoto, (who designed fighter planes in WWII), and continued in business until the 1980's, (certainly past 1978, the Guitars were all dated and I have seen one with this date), though I don't think they made Ukuleles beyond the early 70's. They apparently built some acoustic Guitar bodies for Teisco and Guyatone as well as for their own products and this leads me to speculate that they may have made acoustic Ukuleles for them too, though I have not seen the distinctive lip at the end of the fret board used elsewhere?

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