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Mele Double puka Hole Acoustic Jumbo Tenor 6 string Lili'u Ukulele
Double Puka Tenor Lili'u
2001 Braddah Baritone
2001 Braddah Baritone
Hula Tenor Taropatch
Hula Ukes Taropatch
Founded by luthier Michael Rock on Maui, Hawaii, in 1992 The standard Mele range now gets a lot of the production work done in the Philippines though some is still done in Hawaii; the custom Mele range is entirely made in Maui. Their Ukuleles are predominantly koa or mahogany and the double epaulette sound hole which they call "Double Puka", is one of their signature themes on the better models. They make all scales except Sopranino including the intermediate long neck ones, Taropatches, Lili'us and I have seen a custom double puka Uke Bass.

For a while Mele branded their mahogany Ukuleles Braddah, but now they call all of them Mele, (I have read the change came about in 2003?)

For a while Mele had a range of predominantly Mexican rosewood and spruce top Ukuleles made in Mexico, (and finished in Hawaii, in the same way as the Philippine ones are), that also carried the label Kalia as well as Mele

Mele have an intermediate line of Ukuleles they brand as Hula Ukes, (a take on a commonly used name, but here the Ukes is always included as part of the logo), these are produced in the Far East. I know some of them are made by QTE Music in China, (in the same factory as Ohana), I'm not sure all of them are? They say the brand was started in 2005 and though the range was fairly limited to start with it now has Sopranos Concerts and Tenors plus Lili'us and Taropatches

The Mele kind of Budget line is also made in China and is branded Maui Ukulele Co. This too has a full range of scales.

Mele was also a brand name for one of the Ukuleles Buegeliesen & Jacobson distributed in the 1920's and 30's. lots of people made them but none of them was this Mele

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