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Bambookuleles on sale
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This is the branding from a Ukulele club from Moseley, Birmingham, UK who in 2013 decided to import a batch of Ukuleles to sell to its members. This enterprise went so well they have expanded to import and sell Bamboo Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles, (along with gig-bags, tee-shirts and other bits and pieces), to the general public under the branding of Moselele Bambookulele, (I believe the first batch were not Bamboo and so not Bambookuleles) Though I've not seen it mentioned on their website I have seen a number of Baritone scale Moselele Banbookuleles too.

In 2017 the club stopped this enterprise, the Ukuleles certainly I'm not sure about the other stuff, and have said they will not start it up again in the future

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