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Based in Stillwater, Minnesota they predominantly make Harps but they do make a lot of other instruments as well, like Guitars Dulcimers, Mandolins and of course Ukuleles. Every instrument they make including the Ukuleles can be purchased either as a kit, (hence the alternative name Harpkit) or as a completed instrument. For the Ukuleles They offer a Concert or a Baritone, both with their distinctive shape they call Dakota, (They also do Mandolins and Mandolas with the same body so it would be fairly simple to make a taropatch version).

In addition to the Ukuleles they do a couple of Banjos, one of which is a short scale, (21½in or 545mm), Tenor Banjo that is the same size and has a suggested, (Chicago), tuning for a Baritone Banjolele.

Dakota Ukulele Kit

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