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Tenor scale Banjolele
Mya Moe was founded in 2008 by Husband and Wife Luthier team from Oregon, USA, (Gordon & Char Mayer), who said they made one ukulele a day. That is, according to their publicity, every day they start one making new ukulele and finish one, (I doubt the production actually is that exact?) Though they made the Acoustic Ukuleles, they do specialise in making wood body Resonator Ukuleles, (using National Reso-Phonic cones), including Lap Steel ones, (I can't see the point of those but...?). I have seen Concert, Tenor and Baritone acoustic and resonator models from them, only Tenor and Baritone Lap Steels and only acoustic Sopranos; I have also seen Lili'us.For 6 years they also employed Aaron Keim to do work for them and during this time they started to produce Concert and Tenor scale Banjoleles. In 2018 They decided to retire and sold all of their equipment, back stock and the name to Cary Kelly of Glenview Illinois, (who apparently did, for a short while, work with the Mayers). The catalogue still includes the Resonators, though I'm not sure if the square neck is offered? With the acoustics Soprano and Supersoprano have been added as standard but the Banjoleles are no longer made.

All Mya Moe's have a quartered Headstock, (though each one is slightly different) Another design feature with some of them is what they call their "Natural" Range. sometimes they have a particularly curly or knotty piece of wood for the soundboard and they build the Ukulele to accentuate the character of the wood so having natural knothole shaped sound hole and that sort of thing.

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