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Gideon Weigert Soprano Ukulele
Gideon Weigert
Though the Banjo may have originated in West Africa, it hardly features in any Chordophone manufacture over the last 150 years. There was Gallo in the 1950's and today I am only aware of a few luthiers.

Fanner Guitar Works

This is a Cape Town, South Africa firm founded in 2000 by Brian Fanner and now including Thobani Juta. From the end of 2013 the catalogue has included a steel strung electric Tenor Ukulele with a 480mm, (19 in), scale they call the Ukutele due to its telecaster inspired body shape. As well as making the Ukulele they also make the pickups. I have not seen any other designs or scale lengths

Gideon Weigert

Originally from the UK but now based in Hararit, Israel, he learned the art of luthiery in the early 2000s and had a professional workshop in 2003. He makes mainly Guitars and Mandolins but does some other instrument occasionally as well, and lists a starting price for Ukuleles on his website. As well as making instrument he also runs courses on luthiery

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