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Hawaiian Musical Instrument Co.
Given that Hawaii was a major stopping off point for anyone crossing the Pacific it is not surprising that the Ukulele quickly found its way to the east coast of Australia, particularly Sydney and as it became fashionable so a number of Australian importers of Hawaiian Ukuleles came into being. Some had some longevity but most disappeared back into the forgotten pages leaving only a few branded Ukuleles to mark their existence. Once on the continent, local people have been inspired over the years to produce their own adding to the history of the Ukulele in the Southern Hemisphere

Albert & Son

Jacques Albert, a Swiss-born music teacher migrated to Australia in 1884. He and his son Michel Francois (Frank) established the Albert Music business in 1890 when they began to import Violins. In the early 1900's Albert's became one of the leading sheet music publishers in Australia. They also opened a music shop that was to become the biggest in Australia and started to distribute all sorts of musical instrument not just Violins. As well as distribution other peoples brands they started to use their own brand names, (probably the most famous being Boomerang which they used on Mouth organs). The next part of the enterprise was to start a music publishing company and then a radio stations so all in all they had a pretty large musical empire in Australia. Over the years the firm has stayed in the Albert family control through 5 generations and the publishing arm is still in business today but they stopped importing, branding and distributing musical instruments a long time ago. When they were distributing instruments though, the catalogue included Ukuleles imported from Hawaii made by firms like the Hawaiian Mahogany Co. and Mossman, and Banjoleles from George Houghton & Sons in England

Rob Dick - Jupiter Creek

Based in Adelaide, he was a self taught luthier whose Instruments sold all around the world. They were always solid body electric, usually single pickup and often mimicking the shape of famous electric Guitars. He made all scales of Ukulele from Soprano to Baritone though he always described the Baritones and "Baritone or Tenor Guitar" He made things other than Ukuleles like Mandolins, Lap Steel and Tenor Guitars but not full size Guitars. He died in late 2012

Hawaiian Musical Instrument Co.

An early Australian importer, (and brander), of Hawaiian Ukuleles but I know nothing about them beyond they were based in Sydney and seeing the example pictured, (which I wouldn't swear was made in Hawaii?)

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