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Hervé Prudent cheesebox Concert Ukulele
Hervé Prudent cheesebox Concert
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

John Anthony - JAGuitars

Based in Scarborough, England, he started making Guitars as a hobby in 1981. After a number of jobs over the years it is now a full time enterprise with John as the luthier and other members of his family helping out with other things. The output is mainly Guitars, though there are a few Mandolins and Ukuleles, plus model aeroplanes. In addition to selling the finished product he sells detailed luthiery plans for other to follow. The plans for is V4 electric Ukulele give a scale length of 14in, right on the cusp, so a little smaller and its a Soprano and 14 or more and its a Concert

Hervé Prudent - HP Lutherie

From Besançon, France he started making instruments in 1984 and over the years, as well as making all sizes of the Violin family, Guitars, Basses, Mandolins and a number of ethnic folk instruments like the Saz, he has also made a few Ukuleles

Valerio Pennisi - Historia

From Milan, Italy, he started making Ukulele in 2010 after learning the are of luthiery under archtop guitar maker Marco Viola of MOV Guitars. He makes a wide range of Ukuleles of all scales form Sopranino through to Baritone, though he prefers Concert, and lots of different options including Taropatch, solid Electrics and Resonators. He also does custome work including custom inlays and makes a lot of homages to old, mainly Martin, Ukuleles too.

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