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James Millman Guitars Tenor Ukulele
James Millman Tenor
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Bernard Candiago

He is from France and says he is an amature luthier, (though I don't know his actual profession). He seams quite prolific and makes Soprano to Baritone scales of Ukulele though his Baritone models are Venezuelan Cutros as much as Ukuleles. He makes some interesting body shapes and well as the traditional ones and for some reason it appears that all of his Pineapples are Concert scale. In addition to making Ukuleles, (and Cuatros), he makes Rajaos Timples and some Guitars.

David White - De Faoite

Based in Buckinghamshire, England, (though he lived in Ireland for a while and likes to give everything Irish names), and starting in 2003, I believe he is now a full time luthier. He makes all sorts of instrument including Guitars, Mandolins and of course Ukuleles, though these are not big in his catalogue and don't really feature on the website. He is probably most famous for his Harp Guitars and he has made Harp Ukuleles too. He has also made a Ukulele Bass and at least one Banjo though I've not seen a Banjolele

James Millman

Based in Barnstaple, England he started out as a carpenter in the late 1990's then did a course in fine furniture making and then started working for Brooks Guitars where he learned the art of luthiery before setting up on his own. He makes mainly acoustic Guitars but has made Ukuleles too.

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