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Davide Cardone Meridian Uke Bass
Meridian Vimada pico bass
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I see the work of a number of full and part time luthiers. The instruments they make look very nice and worthy of note.

Allan Page - ItsyBitsy Uke

Based in Derbyshire, England, he started making Ukulele in 2014 having previously worked as a chef. He says skills such as butchery, ice carving and moulding pastillage are all transferable and this is certainly the case for making bone nuts and saddles, (which he started doing in 2010). He very much specialises in making very small mini Ukulele with scale lengths ranging from 6½ to 9 inches, (165 to 230 mm), and apart from some kit built models he made as part of the learning process he hasn't made anything larger. He is only part time as a luthier at the moment but hopes to go full time and have a proper website rather than a facebook page

Davide Cardone - Meridian

Based in Avezzano, Italy and starting before 2011, he is predominantly a maker of Bass Guitars but like a number of other specialist Bass makers he has had a flirtation with ultra short scale Basses whose size equates to that of a Bass Uke, (even if he doesn't call them as such). In this case he started out experimenting with a 22½ in (546mm) scale concept Bass which he has added to his catalogue as the 6 steel string "Vimara Pico Bass"

Nicolas Baginsky - NB Instruments

based in Hamburg, Germany and starting some time before 2006 he is a maker of predominantly soprano scale electric travel Ukuleles. He has a lot of previous experience of woodworking and started out with cigar box instruments, including Ukuleles, (which also still feature in his catalogue) before moving to his own designs of Ukulele. He has also made other instruments like Guitars and wooden percussion instruments but the main output is steel and nylon strung Ukuleles.

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