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Homer Ledford Tenor Ukulele
Homer Ledford
There were some great instrument makers and artists of the past who made some, often very nice, Ukuleles at some time during their careers, even if this wasn't their main output. It can sometimes be difficult to find out information about them, including if they actually made the instruments attributed to them?

Homer Ledford

From Winchester, Kentucky and far more famous for the Dulcimers he made, (there was a book published about his dulcimer making and some are exhibited in the Smithsonian), he did make other instruments as well including 19 Ukuleles, (he made over 6000 dulcimers). He started making instruments around 1947, died in 2007 and was apparently making instruments until close to his death.

Sam Koontz

Started building guitars in 1959 and in 1970 opened his own shop in Linden, New Jersey. He was most famous for his guitars and invented amongst other things, a special double truss rod setup, (that worked very well sometimes, very badly other times and was partly the reason for his suicide in 1981). Prior to opening his own shop he worked for Framus, (in the US), did some design work for Martin and Standel Guitars, and had a workshop in Pottstown, Philadelphia, (well that's what it says on the label).

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