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the Hawaiian Ukulele co est 1984 soprano
The Hawaiian Ukulele Company Soprano
There are a number of Hawaiian based importers and retailers who have a range of Ukuleles they import, usually from China, and then usually brand with some kind of Hawaii based motif for sale to tourists. Most of these are very poor quality and I have a page to talk about them! Some however are properly made instruments, available to tourists and locals alike from retailers who are willing to put their own branding on. These are usually better than the budget end, (though may include a budget end model), and some can be quite good quality

Amina - AmiAmi - Amis Co.

Ukulele Puapua own brands. They specialise in online sales of top Hawaiian Ukuleles but also have some cheaper Chinese models including their brands. They started with the Amina branding, but from 2013 they appear to have changed this to AmiAmi - maybe a change in Chinese Supplier? also for "business" reasons, certainly the AmiAmi branded Ukuleles are officially made by Amis Co. In 2014 they tried out some Vietnamese made Ukuleles that were branded Puapua again through Amis Co. In 2015 they started distributing a budget range of colourful Sopranos branded Hang Loose


The own brand of Bounty Music in Hawaii who have the Ukes.com domain. The shop sells all levels of Ukulele but these are their cheapest range and come from China.

The Hawaiian Ukulele Company

Established 1984 it says on the headstock and this was a smallish Ukulele shop in Oahu that at one time sold a house branded import Soprano, (well I've never seen or heard of any other scale), of fairly budget quality. The shop appears to no longer be in business? (the Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2011 the old web address is now some kind of blog site)
Obviously nothing to do with the Hawaiian Ukulele Co of the early 1900's

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