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Atsushi Takano Concert
In being on the look out for nice Ukuleles I come across a few small, possibly part time luthiers from Japan who's Ukuleles I usually only see advertised for sale in music shops, and if they have any web presence it is in a language that is difficult for me to translate. Very often there is little information on them beyond a name and sometimes a brand name, however the instruments they make look very well made and worthy of note.

Akio Masuda - Water Road Guitars

Based in Gunma Prefecture He started Water Road in 1997 making Guitars and added Soprano, Concert and Tenor Scale Ukuleles to the catalogue in 2011. He does a nice line in inlay on the headstock or fretboard as a custom option too

Atsushi Takano - AT Guitars

He leaned instrument making in Canada but is now based in Sakura, Tochigi and has been running his own workshop since 2005. He specialises in Selmer and Archtop Guitars but also make more ordinary acoustic and electric flat top Guitars and Ukuleles. I have not seen any archtop Ukuleles from him but I'm sure its a custom option.

Y Machida - Mac Guitars

Has been in business since before 2008 and added Ukulele to the catalogue in 2010. He makes Soprano, Concert and Tenor scales plus the Concert-Bass Ukulele double neck?

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