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Brook Guitars Concert Ukulele
Brook Guitars Concert
Throughout the world there are small manufacturing firms, maybe a luthier who has expanded the operation and taken on some staff, maybe a number of craftsmen who have got together in some form of co-operative. However it started these manufacturers usually make very high quality instruments even if the Ukulele is not the firms main output

Aquila - (ShortBass One)

Aquila are an Italian firm who specialise in making strings for all sorts of musical instrument and with their "Nygut" range, are probably the most popular manufacturer of Ukulele strings in the 21st century. In 2012, in partnership with others, (and I am unsure quite how these partnerships work?) They have developed some Ukulele models so they can perfect the strings for them, one such is the ShortBass One. This is a Bass Ukulele that was developed in order to perfect Aquilas "Thundergut" Bass Ukulele strings and I'm not sure if its made in Italy or not? However on the Website they do say that the founder of Aquila strings, Mimmo Peruffo, was instrumental in its design and still has something to do with the company. The ShortBass One comes as Fretted or Fretless and as a 60cm 23.6 inch) scale - so slightly larger than a Baritone - with 12 frets to the body they call the Basic, and a (not so short) 67cm (26.4 inch) scale with 14 frets to the body and the idea behind the extra length is to improve intonation and to add acoustic volume - Maybe this new 60-67cm scale length should be classified as a Bass Ukulele Scale?
Another collaboration but this time not so close was the co-development of the iUke Mini so Aquila could perfect their ultra thin Sopranino strings

Brook Guitars

This is a small maker of handmade instruments, (primarily Guitars but they do make other fretted instruments as well), based in Devon in the UK. They were founded some time around 2000 and name all of the models of Guitar after west country rivers. In 2003 they introduced Ukuleles to the range and now they have Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukuleles in the catalogue, though these didn't get a name beyond Ukulele, with the 010 or 015 model number, (The 010 has an unbound headstock and fingerboard, mother of pearl fingerboard marker dots, oblique herringbone purling and chrome hardware.The 015 has a bound headstock and fingerboard, diamond and dot fingerboard markers and gold hardware, abalone top border and rosette.) I have also seen a custom Instrument that might be a big Baritone or a small Tenor Guitar (or a 4 string Octave Mandolin or some kind of Octophone affair?)


Maurice Dupont started out working as an independent luthier in Boutiers, France in 1981 specialising in Guitars. Over the years his workshop has expanded and in 2008 he employed 14 other people. The firm specialises in Selmer style "Gipsy" Guitars but they also make other instruments like a selection of Tenor Ukuleles which also reflect the Selmer style of design however you do get a choice of woods, level of trim and whether to have a cutaway or not. Most of the ones I have seen have the classic Selmer D styles sound hole but i have seen them with a Selmer oval soundhole too
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