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Most Asian countries have the usual international brands available, or occasionally some of the Chinese factory brands that aren't widely available, but sometimes I do see a brand appears is specific to that Asian Country. It is usually a Chinese produced import but web site language often means I can't find out very much about them.


This is the main Chordophone own brand of Malaysian distributor Lets Music. It was founded in 2009 and as well as the branded instrument there is a large shop in Kuala Lumpur. The catalogue is made up of Guitars and Ukuleles, all manufactured in China for Lets Music in a number of solid woods. As far as I can see, for the Ukuleles, they are all Soprano or Concert Scale and have some laser etching around the sound hole

Seven Tones

I believe Lets Music also has a budget range of coloured or natural finish, Chinese made Soprano Ukuleles they brand as Seven Tones (I have enquired but I go no reply, however the L.Luthier shop stocks them and I have seen other Malayan shops lump them in with L.Luthier) As I am not sure I will keep them separate for now

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